Hello there! My name is Mecca Arnette and I am the founder of Meccanisms. As with most small businesses, Meccanisms started off as a hobby. My mother has plenty of stories of me as a child, mixing up various things in the bathroom to create what she affectionately refers to as 'salve'. Not much has changed, only now I like to think I know what I'm doing. My friends and family were often the first to learn of my latest experiments and were always eager to try out my products. I wouldn't be here today without their support.

I've always had reactive, allergy prone skin that doesn't take well to harsh ingredients, heavy fragrances in leave-on products, or excessive botanical extracts. My skin scars easily, and is prone to PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. While there are no shortages of all natural skincare brands that claim to be gentle because their ingredients come from the Earth, Meccanisms differs by reducing the use of plant extracts, strong acids, excessive fragrances, or high concentrations of essential oils with the goal of minimizing irritation. I wanted to create products for people like me, or at least, people who can appreciate our goals.

So why not treat your skin tenderly, and achieve a glow that truly shines due to a warm and gentle hand? And you get some sleek, modern packaging in the process.