Pure Moisture Lip Balm


A lip balm sure to be your best friend in the wintertime. Using the benefits of squalane, this formula is designed to keep your lips smooth and supple all day (or night).


Key ingredients: 

Squalane - This is a more shelf stable form of squalene, a skin identical lipid that is found in human sebum which is often lacking in drier types

Petrolatum - High purity petroleum jelly is an excellent skin protectant that is non toxic, hypoallergenic, and prevents water loss in the skin

Vitamin E - Anti oxidant that provides emollience, skin elasticity, and promotes overall skin health


Apply to dry lips as needed.


Petrolatum, Paraffin wax, Squalane, Capric/caprylic triglycerides, Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)

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